Research 论文

The articles listed below are selected from Pu Miao's published writings. Their complete versions are provided here for Miao's students to use as assigned reading material. To view or download, click at the appropriate PDF file at the bottom of this page.下列论文选自缪朴已发表的著作。为方便缪朴的学生用为课程阅读材料,特在此提供全文。欲阅读或下载可点击本网页底部相关PDF文件

Writings in English 英文著作

  • "Brave New City: Three Problems in Chinese Urban Public Space since the 1980s (勇敢新城市: 中国八十年代以来城市公共空间三大问题)” Journal of Urban Design, Vol. 16, No.2, May 2011, pp. 179-207.

    • "Deserted Streets in a Jammed Town: Gated Communities in Chinese Cities and Its Solution (拥挤城市中无人的街道: 中国城市中的封闭式小区及其对策)" Journal of Urban Design, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2003, pp. 45-66. 中文全译见本页下面所列"封闭式小区:城市生活的癌症". 摘译见“城市生活的癌症--封闭式小区的问题与对策” 《时代建筑》5卷, 2004年, 46-49页

    • "Design with High-Density: A Chinese Perspective (高密度城市设计: 中国视角)" in Pu Miao, ed., Public Places in Asia Pacific Cities: Current Issues and Strategies (Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001), pp. 273-93. 本书中文版《亚太城市的公共空间: 当前问题与对策》由中国建筑工业出版社于2007年作为“国外城市规划与设计理论译丛”之一出版

    • Public Space, High Density and an Emerging Civil Society (公共空间, 高密度与诞生中的公民社会)” Urban Design, Issue 127, Summer 2013, pp. 22-25.

    • "Asia Public Places: Characteristics, Challenges, and Responses (亚洲公共空间的特点、问题及对策)", a revised version of the Introduction to Pu Miao, ed., Public Places in Asia Pacific Cities: Current Issues and Strategies (Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001), pp. 1-45. 本书中文版《亚太城市的公共空间: 当前问题与对策》由中国建筑工业出版社于2007年作为“国外城市规划与设计理论译丛”之一出版

    • "In the Absence of Authenticity: An Interpretation of Contemporary Chinese Architecture (一个没有真实性的时代: 中国当代建筑阐释)" Nordisk Arkitekturforskning(Nordic Journal of Architectural Research), Vol. 8, No. 3, 1995, pp. 7-24.

    • "Worlds Apart: Common Meanings in Classical Gardens of East and West (东西方古典园林的共通之处)” Landscape, Vol. 31, No. 3, 1992, pp. 40-47.

    • "The Two Themes: Settings in Fellini's Films (双重主题:费里尼影片中的场景)" Places, Vol. 7, No. 3, 1991, pp. 4-5.

    • "Beyond Image: Reusing Tradition in Modern Design (超越具像: 在现代设计中借鉴传统)" Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects, Vol. 78, Issue 12, December 2013, pp. 13-18.

    • "Essence of Tradition--The 13 Characteristics of Chinese Traditional Architecture (传统的本质--中国传统建筑的13个特点)", manuscript.

Writings in Chinese 中文著作

    • 谁的城市?图说新城市空间三病(Whose City? A Pictorial Essay on the Three Problems of the New Urban Space)”《时代建筑(Time+Architecture)》1卷,2007年,4-13页

    • "封闭式小区:城市生活的癌症--问题及对策 (Gated Communities: Cancer of Urban Life--Problems and Solutions)"

    • “用自己的声音说话--近作二则兼论‘本土化’ (Speaking in One's Own Tone--Recent Work and 'Localization')”《建筑师(Architect)》106期(2003年12月),20-8页

    • “传统的本质--中国传统建筑的十三个特点(The Essence of Tradition--Thirteen Characteristics of Chinese Traditional Architecture)“《建筑师(Architect)》36期(1989年12月),56-67页及40期(1991年3月),61-80页(北京:中国建筑工业出版社);及《国立台湾大学建筑与城乡研究学报 (Journal of Building and Planning National Taiwan University)》5卷,1期(1990年2月),57-72页. For English translation see "Essence of Tradition--The 13 Characteristics of Chinese Traditional Architecture" in "Writings in English" on this page.

  • 什么是同济的精神?论重新引进现代主义建筑教育(What is Tongji's Spirit? Reintroducing Modernism into Chinese Architectural Education)” 《时代建筑(Time+Architecture)》6卷,2004年,38-43页

    • "无限·另一个世界 — 园林小品两则(The Infinity and the Other World -- Two Landscape Designs)"《建筑师(Architect)》73期(1996年),79-82页

  • “现象学与建筑理论:为建筑师写的入门(Phenomenology and Architectural Theory: An Introduction for Architects) 摘自彭怒,支文军,戴春编《现象学与建筑的对话 (Dialogue between Phenomenology and Architecture)》(上海: 同济大学出版社, 2009年),108-30页